The All-American Rejects (+ more) Uncut

I think musicians and media alike feel a little wary when brand names mix with art—there is a way to eff it up and be disingenuous. These short films directed by Danny Clinch reveal the artist’s pre-show rituals and reflection in a classy, VIP sort of style. So let me say Gillette: Ur Doin It Rite.

This wouldn’t have worked with a hairy band (I can’t even think of one right now).

Points of interest:

  • When Tyson goes (read: dies) he wants to go right before he steps out on stage. He describes joy combined with the feeling that you’re going out there to slay a dragon
  • He finally feels like he’s coming into his own, style-wise, and he really admires Bowie and Freddie Mercury.
  • Mark Hoppus says he doesn’t know if brushing his teeth makes him sing better, be he feels like it cleans his “singing passages”
  • Tim McGraw flies to most of his shows, and he doesn’t feel like a rock (er, country?) star until he puts his hat on.
  • Will.I.Am has a studio in his house and he goes to the club for “research”

Hoppus and Ritter talked about some songs they’re into right now in this video.

Will.I.Am talks about brands aligning with bands (because record labels are dying) and how it makes sense.

The short films can be viewed online at

I think brands and bands are finding new ways of promoting themselves, and that it can definitely work together in a seamless sort of way. The Denny’s All-Nighter menu and post-show gatherings are one that comes to mind. This is another, because everyone shaves. Taco Bell sponsoring bands on the road was legit.

What do you guys think? Can these things mix and keep integrity in tact? Does this make more sense then trying to keep labels alive?