Xmas Time

8 days until Xmas!

When I was young, I remember that I waited this day with anxiety and I was so excited to open the gifts and also to decorate the Xmas’ tree with my dad… Growiup, losing a lot of dear people, also in this period, I don’t feel Xmas like that time, probably because I loose the magic of Santa Claus too 😉 I continue to decorate the Xmas’ tree with my day and I’m happy when arrive the moment to open the gifts, but there is always a little bit of sadness for the people that there aren’t anymore and for the people that I would that are here with me. The good thing is that there are always a lot of delicious food cooked by my mum =P

What’s your thoughts and your plans for Xmas and what’s your fav dish?

On Sunday I’ll go in Austria with my parents, the cousins of my mum and the best friend of my mum and her husband (they are also my sponsors at confirmation) to see the Xmas’ markets, I go thee every year, there are a lot of cute things, probably will I found the gift for my best friend?

On Xmas Eve I will go at dinner to the best friend of my dad and his wife… If will fall the snow we stay to sleep here, in their house *u*

On Xmas I will stay at home, with my parents, the cousin of my mum and my sponsors at confirmation.