Welcome to Sunny Florida

i was up at 7 and out by 830looking for something to get intoi didnt know that i would be held hostage all day ahaha

perfect weather today. minus a few sprinkles. i love FLA

i think that people should drive their cars less and use the city bus instead.i mean, of course not everyone…people with children, please stay off the bus.but other than that its was more efficient environmentallyand its fun!

im a definite city girl, but i miss the country sometimes.i miss the orange groves mostly.and all of the open space.

im being forced to go to a christmas party tomorrowwhich makes me feel like an asshole hypocrite since im not christian. but whatevereveryones irish on st. pattys and everyones mexican on cinco de mayoshindigs never hurt noboday

…i take that back.lost of things pop off during parties ahaha