Sugar, Did He Go Down Swinging?

Recently, it seems like we’ve been seeing a new side of Pete Wentz. The Fall Out Boy rocker has been hanging around in New York City, looking after his son Bronx and cheering on his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz in her Broadway debut in Chicago. And it looked like, maybe, Pete had left behind the old days and moved on to become a responsible adult.

And then this happened:

Pete posted these pictures to his Tumblr blog with the comment everyone who says i have changed needs to STFU. ten to twenty stitches later- @gabrielsaporta is my guardian angel. details tomorrow. maybe.

As of now we still have no official details, though Pete has offered up a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style post for us. Some of his options include

B) Called Perez a gay slur.

C) Called Will.I.Am “Perez.”

F) Forgot to thaw turkey before deep-frying.

H) Watched “Fight Club” in like, super hi-def dude.

L) Literally fought for a Midtown reunion.

S) Read and believed all the comments on the internet. Followed the instructions.

Personally? I think he got a little too excited while listening to this particular song.