Sounds Of Buzz and Sims Present Forever The Sickest Kids

Just got home from the sweet little party / performance at the Playhouse in Hollywood. Forever The Sickest Kids were the night’s reigning kings, fresh off their headlining Cheap Date tour with Artist vs. Poet.

Anyway, backtrack. I got there before the band rolled up and watched some people plays the Sims 3 game. Mark created the Jonas Brothers sims. Necessary.

The meet and greet winners were ushered in first and shortly after, those colorful Texans came up and turned on the charm. There was lots of posing, plenty of photobooth antics… and Selena Gomez. And guys from The Cab. And Semi-Precious Weapons. See:

Jeffree Star and Jac Vanek arrived a bit before the performance.

We hit the floor when FTSK started playing, and it was so strange/AWESOME that we could just squeeze through to the front and not have to risk our lives elbowing through a pack of wriggling, sardine-packed fans.

They played:

Believe Me, I’m Lying


Hey Brittany

She Likes

My Worst Nightmare

Hip Hop Chick (ps. Jonathan wants you to write hip hop on your fingers making a peace sign and twitpic it to them)

The Way She Moves


She’s a Lady

What Do You Want From Me

Whoa Oh (Me vs. Everyone)

They have an insane amount of energy and I think the only band better at making funny facial expressions is Gym Class Heroes. After their set they helped raffle off some Sims games and then went to go hang out in the crowd.

And that’s when Kayla and I met Ok Go.

Yeah, we flipped out a little. We got to talk to Dan first, then Tim and Andy and–after some nerve-gathering and deep breaths–Damian. Pics were taken. Knees were jello. Mouths were dry with nervousness. But, ohmygod, it was phenomenal.

But, the night wasn’t over yet:

Kayla and I made one more venue sweep to check for famous people we wanted to take pictures with (alright, we we’re looking for Ok Go again). Upstairs, by the bar, people were snapping pics of themsleves with cutouts of characters from the World Adventures special package, including a chick on a Vespa.

Pictures will be up in 12 hours or less!

If you went, we hope you had tons of fun 🙂