My Life Is Twilight. No words can accurately describe this website. What people write here makes me wish that there was some way to pass along “sterility” via computer when users logged onto MLIT. This site is full of LoLz but mostly it makes me have no hope for humanity. If you have never seen MLIT, it’s high time you take a peek at the skullduggery contained therein.

My Life Is Twilight. No, it isn’t, dear user. Your life is but a husk of what it actually means to be alive. You have decided to soak these dry shambles in the tears of Bella Cullen and/or wildcat blood in an attempt to bring any semblance of meaning to your sad life.

Let’s just get to the meat and taters of it –

Congratulations. You’ve just contaminated the gene pool. Key word here is “brainwashed.” At least the writer can conceed that liking this book does not come from a loving place but one more akin to techniques used in Soviet Russia to get all your buddies on the same side.

You know this is basically stalking, right? You might as well ask this look a like if “this rag smells like cholorform” and keep her in some snug arm restraints that are tied to a wall in your speshul hideaway bomb shelter.

You were sitting at a table smiling while everyone else was crying BECAUSE SOMEONE DIED. You unsympathetic arse. I hope a Volvo driving irratically runs you over and the person inside looks like Jacob.

Again, more stalkers. Thanks, SMeyers, for producing creepy tweens, thanks. The MLIT underneath that puts a new spin on Munchausen by proxy. I can only hope that this person catches Swine Flu and suffers great pains akin to the travesties that SMeyer has caused to the world of literature.

SMeyer, you hath polluted the minds of teh wumunz and lead them to beleaf that they need a strong mens to repair things for them. Remember this?

That’s because you can do things on your own! You are not some hapless twit! Yay! Also, the MLIT beneath that is HORRIBLE. You actually wanted something to be CREEPY. I have a tip, maybe next time you can leave your windows open at night as you sleep in the hopes that you become the basis for a SUV episode.

I can’t wait till these two decide to get married. This is slightly turning my stomach. Hooray for teetering on the borders of incest!

This just screams all kinds of wrong. I bet all those t shirts are for the bevy of young colts you have locked away in dude ranch beneath the floor of your pantry.

DISGUSTING. I just threw up in my mouth a little. Please tell us that soon you will become preggers and your BF will gnaw on your tum tum to get the baby out. PLZ DO.

I could go on forever. There are TONS of these all over that site. There is one about HOT WOLF HUGS that made me do a lulz. In trying to deal with this, NewAgeAmazon and I have been Tweeting up a storm about MLIT. Take a look –

NewAgeAmazon on Twitter –


This seems the only way that one can deal with this site. Heaven forbid you take it seriously. I wish I could say the same with the book series but alas, I cannot. I weep for the future.