The End of Decade X

they’ve all got names. really easy names. the 60sthe 70sthe 80sthe 90s….wtf are we supposed to call this 00-09 thing?the new millenium?thats just dumbthe ohs?someone needs to come up with something good.and quick!because this vortex of a decade is about to close.

in other news…

probably not going to make it to NYC for New Yearsits a bum out but theres always next year.

is it just me or is anyone else out there not feeling as much holiday spirit as usual?

idk. maybe its the weather. its been so wet and cold and rainy lately. how am i supposed to feel the “winter” cheer as usual if theres:– no dead brown grass. its all green from the rain– no sun. its below 70 degrees out there! i dont even have the air on in the house!!WTF