Trick-or-Twins (Kaulitz Oneshot)

The twins were homesick. They’d been in the US for five days, and were really starting to miss their dogs, and their beds. But it was October 31st, and all of the Americans seemed excited. It was a holiday filled with candy, costumes, and parties – one that neither of the twins had ever been a part of. So, naturally, they were excited when they had an evening off on this day.

In the suburbs of New York, in a city they knew they wouldn’t be recognized, Bill and Tom left their hotel rooms to walk the streets with the trick-or-treaters. Most of them were little, but some were teenagers – or even older.

The two tall boys watched as the kids went up to people’s porches and came back with candy and a big smile on their face.

“Don’t you wish we could have done this when we were little?” Bill asked his older twin.

“Yeah, it looks totally wicked. I wonder.. if the kid doesn’t say “trick or treat” do they not get anything? I think it’s like a rule; you have to say it, otherwise you get nothing. That would suck,” Tom said. Bill nodded in agreement.

The twins walked around for an hour, until there were very few trick-or-treaters around. As they walked by a house, a woman called out, “Do you want some candy?” They turned to see an old woman sitting on her porch with a bowl of candy. They looked at eachother, shrugged their shoulders, and walked up to the porch.

“I’ve got some left, and there doesn’t seem to be many kids out. Harry told me to keep the leftovers for him, but he’s old and it will only mess his heart up. And I suppose a woman like me doesn’t need to be eating candy, either. Not good for my denchers.” the lady rambled on and on, then finally held the bowl out to them. “Take all you want!” she said with a smile on her face. So Bill and Tom took a handful each and Tom slid the candy into one of his large pockets.

“Now let’s see, I know you’re a vampire,” she said to Bill, causing him to grin ear to ear. “But what are you supposed to be? One of those gangster street kids?” she asked Tom. He shoved his hands in his hoodie pocket and looked at his shoes. “Yes, ma’am.” he said, blushing.

“Well, it works for you. You both look great!” she said. “Have a good night!”

“Thank you, you too.” the twins said in unison as they walked away, smiling.

“And be careful!” she called out.

Bill was telling Tom about a cute trick that one of their dogs learned, when they came upon a huge red and white house that was completely decked out for Halloween. Both of the boys came to a stop and stared at the house, mouths hanging open.

“Fog machines and everything!” Tom squealed, rubbing his hands together.

“Look at the bat hanging in the tree, it looks so real! And look at those graves over there! AND THE COFFIN!” Bill was going crazy, pointing out all of the cool decorations. Halloween music played as they walked up the sidewalk that led to the large porch, and they saw a huge bowl laying there, completely full of goodies.

Bill’s eyes widened as he saw the candy. He grabbed a handful and shoved it into his pocket. Then grabbed another.

“Bill!” Tom scolded. “Isn’t one enough?”

“Come on. This is the first time we’ve ever come out for Halloween, and probably the last. Don’t you think we should get lots of candy? Aaaand, there aren’t any kids out anymore. These delicious sweets,” Bill turned his gaze upon the candy again. “will go to complete waste if we don’t take them.” His eyes were filled with sugary lust as he stared into the bowl. “Jelly beans…” he whined.

Tom considered this, then instantly reacted. “Okay, let’s go for it.” Both twins were on their knees, grabbing handfuls of candy. They shoved it in Tom’s front pockets, back pockets, lower pockets, and hoodie pocket. When that wasn’t enough, Bill took off his boots and started filling them. Tom slid some candy in his hood, then down his pants. “Okay, all of that candy is yours.” Bill said, scrunching his nose and giggling.“Uhhh, I’ll share it with Georg ;-D.”“This is hilarious,” Bill chimed.“This is ridiculous, we’re stealing little kids’ candy!” Tom made one of his silly faces.“I hope we don’t get caught.” Bill said with no real alarm. Tom froze and his eyes darted side to side. “Oh you chicken, I’m joking.” Bill poked.They were both laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes, and their faces were pretty much falling into the candy bowl.

Tom stood up and watched Bill pull his shirt out from his stomach to make a pouch to put more candy in. Then, he felt something tug at his oversized hoodie. He turned around to see a little boy, he was maybe seven years old.

“You thief! You moron! You’re too big for this,” the boy exclaimed, dressed in a Spiderman costume.

“I am not!” Tom said. Bill stopped filling his shirt and turned to see what was going on.

“You’re so tall, you’re a giant!” the kid said, glaring up at Tom.

Tom laughed. “If I’m a giant, then I can step on you.” The boy screamed, kicked Tom in the shins, and started running away, until his mom seemed to come out of nowhere.

“How dare you threaten my son like that!” she said. She was a gorgeous blonde, in her early thirties.

Tom raised his eyebrows. “Yumm, trick or treat.” he said, smirking. His accent made it sound more like “twrick ohr tweat”.

“Oh, that’s cute.” She said sarcastically, following with a smack to Tom’s face. She let out a “Hmmph,” and walked away with her little boy.

Bill’s jaw dropped. “Wow, the first girl that’s ever turned you down, right Tom?” he said, snickering. Tom turned to his twin and put his hands on his shoulders, then shook him, causing candy to spill from Bill’s shirt. “It’s not funny!”

“Tommmm, you made me drop candy EVERYWHERE!” Bill said. Tom looked to see loose candy spread out all over the ground, and smirked. Bill looked down at the half-empty bowl then continued filling any space his had left in his apparel. “I think we have enough.” Tom said, pulling on Bill’s sleeve. Without looking up from the candy, Bill calmly said, “I think the person that lives here is opening the door. They’ll be mad at me.” Tom shrieked and dashed behind a tree. “Oh scheisse.” his voice was low.Bill giggled and continued stuffing his clothes with sweets. “Gullible, gullible, gullible.” he hummed under his breath, satisfied by his brother’s charming stupidity.When Tom realized that Bill was only joking. he began to laugh hysterically at the sight of his little twin stealing the Halloween plunder.

Bill walked down the sidewalk and joined him, “Alright, I’m done. I’m loaded.” His shirt and upper pants were lumpy from candy hidden underneath. He held his Skittle-filled boots under one arm.

“Appy alloveen, Tom.” he said.

“Appy alloveen!” Tom smiled, pulling a Kit-Kat bar from the back of his boxers.