Save Our @SiskyBusiness!

And suddenly, a horrific cry rang out across the internet. For, low and behold, William Beckett has spoken:

Gasp, shock, horror. We cannot allow this to happen, Buzznet. For what would the world be without Sisky Biz on Twitter? Hmmm?

Who would rally the troops with things like #draculasthatdontsuckanythingexceptblood?

Who would assure us that Meryl Streep was, in fact, a babe?

Who would keep us updated on his terrible choices in facial hair?

So, Buzznet, I implore you: if you do not have Siska friended on Twitter, please go add him. Now. At the time of this writing he is at 20,365 followers. That only 10,000 more followers by the end of the year! GO TEAM SISKY BIZ!