Decaydance Records doesn’t call themselves a record label so much as a gang. This has been announced by label head Pete Wentz as well as other label members Travis McCoy and Gabe Saporta. And now, that gang has a new member.

The Ready Set, Jordan Witzigreuter’s one man project, has officially signed to Decaydance. His debut album is set for spring of next year, but for now he’ll be hopping onto the Very Acoustic Christmas tour with Stephen Jerzak and Breathe Electric. He’s also just released a new Christmas song by The Set, entitled “The Blizzard of ’89.”

Jordan will be talking more about the signing when he appears on FOE radio at 3PM Eastern today, plus we can likely expect to see more from him about this development in the near future.

How do you feel about this signing? How do you think Jordan fits in with the Decaydance Gang?