Myspace Music campaign shoot!

I woke up at 6am and headed to the City of Industry for the Myspace Music campaign. Its launching next week with me and Gabe Saporta. I felt really bad for the makeup artist. I kept having to get up and run to bathroom because I thought I was going t be sick…I didn’t though thank god! The look is a lot different then anything I normally do. Way more rocker.. but it is a music campaign, so it’s appropriate. We shot three different looks in a few hours. Tea, rose lipstick and sequins surrounded my morning.

It was a lot of fun. Im pretty stoked to see for now I am home cooking veggie rice. Less then two days till I will be on a plane and I have to do laundry, pack and finish my samples for New York. With all that to do I am trying to figure out if i will see Twilight tonight or skip out. Waffle is snoring and Buddy Holly is playing. My candles are lit and I am relaxing.

Is anyone else going to see Twilight tonight? What do you think of rocker Audrey?! Don’t quit my day job?