“i just want to be in a swimming pool, eating tacos & signing autographs. thats all”

“this isn’t how i pictured things to be when i was dreaming late into the night. you wake up & your whole world is turned around”

as the sun goes down & the moon rises high, that is when the chaos begins. true feelings spill on the dance floor, eyes lit up with the florescent lights. all the secrets turn into truth. the truth turns into a lie. its all a broken record. when you think you find a bit of beauty in this town there is always a bit of ugliness hidden in its core. i put my all into everything in my life. my work, my friends, my family. people love to take.. take.. take.. they want to take until you are left with nothing.. use you all up for their satisfaction. spill your feelings onto a platter, no one will know the difference.. you need to guard your heart with armor in this town. chose your words wisely.

one of my favorite brands at the moment is wild fox. the whole line has a vintage vibe to it & is extremely comfortable. i love all their promo photo shoots they have on their site. it is simple with a rock n roll twist. totally into it. yesterday ivey & i had a meeting with a producer/writer we are working with. the overall meeting went well. next week we hit the studio and finish up some of the pieces we have been working on. tonight is going to be filled with dim lights, surprise parties, hollywood canyons and sparkling eyes. i can never get enough glitter.. i love wearing a sheer glitter under my eyes at night.. its so hard for me to watch the news.. i always try to watch it, i want to know whats going on in the world.. everything is just so evil and negative.. it really freaks me out. the world is such a mess right now.. but yet people are more consumed with the petty drama in their lives..

big glasses, red lips. im into it.

colored lips are good for fall.. i love a good red or a really vamp dark color..

what is your favorite lipstick?