Glamour Kills Tour @ HOB Sunset

A photo pass is an elusive trickster these days, so I have no glorious pictures of their cute faces to share. BUT I MADE YOU ONE:

Alex’s hair was like this.


-Cassadee Pope was cute and perfect as always, although my boyfriend (who knows things about music) says Hey Monday’s sound was muddled. I didn’t notice until Cassadee came out to sing Remembering Sunday with Alex and THEN she sounded clear as an angelic bell.

-Hey Monday played a little snippet of “Buddy Holly.”

-I was thinking during the set that Hey Monday should record a Christmas song. Or a cover. Which one do you think they’d be best fit to do? Random, I know.

-The lights during All Time Low’s set we’re pretty damn cool. And the drum set was on a platform so it was possible to actually SEE Rian play, even from the back-ish of the crowd. And they had this strobe-effect that really drew attention to the drumming at times. Band equality is so nice.

-Alex called Danny “a human version of Lassie” after he spilled a bottle of water on lots of important cords.

-I realized I don’t much like the song “Too Much”

-Jack didn’t talk enough, IMO.

-Some girl like 4 poeple in front of my kept on randomly holding up a pair of pink pants. I don’t know if they said something on them or what, but the pants completely blocked my view so I wasn’t that cool with it.

-After Alex played two acoustic songs, the band came back out and Jack said, “Give it up for my best friend Alex.” Aww. But boyfriend was like, OMG doesn’t that make the other guys feel bad? I said I think they have different best friends.

-Some girl in the audience was crying and Alex was like “Geez, do we look that bad?” but then it appeared she was being crushed so he got a security dude to help. I think something similar happened during Hey Monday’s set except it was a person crowd-surfing… who didn’t want to be crowdsurfing? Ha. I don’t know for sure, I couldn’t see.

-I wanted to tweet updates in so I could compile them for my review but I had no service in the HOB music hall! Boo!

-I went to the after party for like, 15 minutes, but after boyfriend ordered me a $12 dirty martini (it was GOOD at least) I spilled half of it on our legs. Sigh.