Exclusive: Kennedy Brock Talks About “This Is Real Life”

The Maine wrote a book! Well, sort of. “This Is Real Life” is a non-fiction compilation of photos, tour diary entries and fanart from the band’s stint on Warped Tour 2009.

Buzznet got the chance to have a quick chat with Kennedy Brock about this little masterpiece.

Buzznet: Did you guys know before you went on Warped Tour that this book wasgoing to be created? Or do you all just keep tour journals anyway?

Kennedy Brock: We had talked about making the book before Warped Tour, We basically had an idea for what it was going to be, but since then it really has turned into an awesome project. We all knew we were going to keepjournals we just didnt decide on how they would be compiled togetheruntil later.

Buzznet: Was it hard to pick with fan artwork/letters went into the book? How DID you decide?

KB: It was really difficult, we tried to put in as many things as wecould, and stopped when we ran out of room, so there was not anyjudging involved.

Buzznet: If you could encourage another band to make a book like this, whowould you choose?

KB: Good Charlotte

Buzznet: Does flipping through the finished product make you miss warped tour at all? If so what part of Warped Tour?

KB: It definitely does, It makes me relive the craziness of the tour. Itreminds me most of the feeling any tour gives me, accomplishment.

Buzznet: if each member of your band were to write their own books, whatwould each member write about? What would YOU write about?

KB: I’m not sure what the books would be about, possibly there would be apicture book, a zombie book, a self help book, a cooking book, and I would like to write a mystery.

Buzznet: If you were to have your own book, what would the title be and inwhat city would you do your book signing?

KB: It would be called “Your Alive, Act Like It” and i would do my signing in Tempe.

Buzznet: Who is getting this book as a Christmas gift this year?

KB: My Cousin Michael Pablo, age 15, from San Fran.

The book comes out on 12/14, but the Limited Edition Pre-Order is going on now. Get on it!