Crème de la Crap

Colors can clash. Patterns can clash. STYLES can clash!!!

untitled-4.jpg picture by roxxiiheart

There is just waaaaay too much going on here in a bad way…ruffles, cargo pockets, bell sleeves, and the upper half of a hoodie all IN ONE LITTLE DRESS? I love over the top but this is a little much. Might have to do with my serious hate for bell sleeves.

This happens all the time. people really like an idea or a style so they try to sport it…along with like FIVE other styles. I’m betting if you lose the pockets, the hood, the sleeves and add a cute belt this would be totally wearable. But i’m going to have to give a big fat NO to the current state of this unflattering garmet 🙁

Death to the bell sleeves!

Source: Modcloth