candy lights & sugar nights.

what a wild weekend.. everything about it was go go go! it’s nice to have a minute to just sit back & regroup. friday i did a photo shoot for the winter line glamour kills is putting out. i really love it. everything is super comfy & soft, just the way i like it! aha! at night a few friends & i adventured out to calabasas for drinks, mexican & music. it was an interesting night to say the least.. saturday was the big hello kitty fashion show! tons of different designers did pieces for the show & all the photos are going to be used for a big book they are putting out. even though certain people want to say i was a “stand it” or “picked last” i was actually booked around the same time everyone else was.. i got booked to walk for toxic vision, and because one of the models dropped out, jessica louise asked if i would wear her piece as well.. i don’t see the point in putting someone down.. are you really that insecure? anyways.. the show went great! i loved all the outfits!! i wanted to keep them all!! aha! we did two shows.. one at 7 and one at 830.. i was happy my friends and my mom came out to support..

since i was the only model who had two outfits i seriously had about 20 seconds to change.. it was the worst! i have never changed so fast in my life.. this week is full of meetings.. i am also shooting my new accessory line later this week..i want to plan a trip to the big apple soon.. i am in the mood for some real holiday weather.. i want to feel like its actually winter!!! yesterday i saw the movie this is it. i loved it. i know a few people thought it was boring, but i found the whole thing so interesting.. the dancers were so insane he had booked for his show.. everything about it was fantastic.. AND THE OUTFITS.. all his stage outfits were incredible..

what is your favorite dish at thanksgiving?

for me, its the stuffing & mashed potatoes.. with a little cranberry sauce.. yum!!!