Zombieland Screening In Hollywood Attracts The Undead-Lovers

Who doesn’t love zombie movies? Last night at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood there were throngs of done-up zombie-lovers gathered for the L.A. Zombiewalk and a screening of the upcoming film Zombieland.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have particularly high standards for movies involving the undead. It can be super-campy and I’ll still give it a shot. I just don’t like TOO much gore. I get queasy. So the opening sequence had me mildly light-headed, with the living getting their tendons ripped out and eaten and all.

It got better, though. Jesse Eisenberg is a Michael Cera-like narrator who has “rules” for surviving in Z-land; he meets up with Woody Harrelson, who kicks zombie ass in new and creative ways. They come across two con-artist sisters (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin) who at first try to rob the guys of their weapon and cars, then realize… well, they kinda need each other.

It was funnier than I thought it would be, didn’t waste too much time on a love story and right at the part where I thought to myself, “It would be perfect if it ended here,” IT DID! Miraculous. Movies are so long lately.

Oh, did I mention the entire theater was filled with about a thousand fully made-up, bloodied humans? Because it was. Buzznet’s own Panasonicyouth and Elrich were there, along with Falloutfry, Emisforily, Swingthefocus11 and Simplekindoflovely.

I didn’t dress up because is zombie make up really good for your pores? Haha.

Anyway, Zombieland comes out this Friday. Go see it, it’s fun!

Thanks to Mendoza for hooking up the press pass!

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