TGIF: Time To “Whip It”

Limber up, kids, because by the end (actually, it doesn’t take that long–I’d say halfway through) of Whip It you’re going to be rifling in the attic for your My Little Pony skates and totally ready to join a roller derby team. It’s THAT kind of movie.

This is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut and a damn good one at that.

Would you like a plot summary? Ellen Page plays Bliss, a small town sass whose mother really wants her to be a pageant beauty. Said mother takes her shopping for some non-duct-taped boots one day and Bliss witnesses a flock of derby girls. Her life is basically changed. From there you get try-outs, humor (Drew plays a stoner with a hot temper), a bit of a love story and a whole lot of squirming in your seat when the girls are being all fierce and competitive on the track.

I’ve read a few other reviews, and of course it’s getting panned because once again Ellen Page plays an outsider with a unique name (oh hey, Juno) and a witty best friend. Well you know what? Sometimes the formula works.

The cast is killer (Juliette Lewis and Kristen Wiig have central roles), the music fits keeps the energy up, their outfits rock so hard and it just makes you feel good.

And unlike, say, Pirates of the Carribbean inspiring an urge to sail the high seas and pillage and plunder, you watch this movie and know that roller derby isn’t entirely out of your league. And maybe there are even more badass things that aren’t too far-fetched for you to take a stab at, either. Know what I mean?

Whip It comes out today, so go see it and then decide if being your own hero takes the shape of skates… or something else. Eat it, Bella Swan.