Pete Wentz: “The World Needs a Break From Fall Out Boy”

There’s been much fret and worry over the status of Fall Out Boy since Pete Wentz told MTV the band was planning to take a little break after their tour dates with Blink-182, coupled with the sentiments that seemed to be expressed by the video for “What a Catch, Donnie.”

But at the same time, the band members who have Twitters have all stated that the band is closer than ever and they are NOT breaking up. So what’s the deal, yo?

In a new interview with Reuters, Pete Wentz (who apparently declared the “Death of the Emo Fringe“) gives us some answers. While most of the conversation was about Fall Out Boy’s internet savvy and viral marketing success, it did briefly deviate to the big question “Is Fall Out Boy breaking up?”

Wentz’s reply was, “We are going to stop doing Fall Out Boy when Fall Out Boy stops being fun. I think that the world needs a break from Fall Out Boy as much as Fall Out Boy needs a break from the world. They need to embrace some other bands out there and you can’t always be shoving everything in people’s faces all the time.”

As for future recording plans, there really aren’t any. “I think that there’s nothing worse than when you like a band and you get their record and you can totally tell that their music is uninspired and they just felt like they had to put out a record. We have been grinding so much that we haven’t had the time to kind of figure out what we want to do creatively.”

But if it’s not a break-up, are they going to follow in the footsteps of My Chemical Romance and take a hiatus? Not likely. “Maybe we will start recording again in two weeks; maybe it will be three years. I don’t really know. There is no plan in motion at all and no one has said the “H” word (hiatus) no matter how many times people try to get us to say it.”

So, from the sounds of it, while we might not be getting a new Fall Out Boy album in the immediate future, the band has no plans at the current time to split. So rest your heads, true believers. And remember what FOB told us this summer while on tour: