The OP Tour in L.A. featuring The Maine, Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls

First just let me shake my fist at both Lakers fans and MJ fans and the business of PARKING, because apparently last night was the first game of the season AND the red carpet premiere of “This Is It”, which delayed me getting into the show by an HOUR AND A HALF, therefore missing VersaEmerge and A Rocket To The Moon. Jerkfaces. Please take your blinged out championish jacket and shove it. ANYWAY.

After I found a lot that cost under $30 to park, I still had to ask for directions twice. Displeased Bree was displeased. The GOOD news is I got there in time to see The Maine, and that was swell. They opened with “I Must Be Dreaming” and rolled right into a cover of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” which kinda made me feel like I was at dive bar karaoke or something. Except Club Nokia is no dive. It’s sleek and has fancy lights and flat screen TVs so you don’t miss anything no matter where you’re standing.

“They Way We Talk” was next, and since I didn’t know that song all to well, I admired John Ohhh’s haircut and noted that he looked less emaciated than usual. Is it possible the camera actually SUBTRACTS 10 lbs from him? Regardless, John commanded everyone to put their cameras down and put their arm around the person to their right, because, alas, it was time for “Into Your Arms.” Following an apology to parent’s for dropping some F-bombs, they played “Everything I Ask For”, “Life Like This”, and “Girls Do What They Want.” They brought a fan on stage for the last song, which would emerge as a trend for the rest of the night. STAY TUNED FOR PICS FROM KAYLA (simplekindoflovely)!

Cobra Starship was next even though in my mind they deserved the headlining spot, but whatevs. They opened with “The City Is at War” and just before the ever-popular Wentz made an appearance on stage, I got a text from the photo pit that he was in attendance. I tried to send her a message back but apparently Verizon reception in a Nokia building ain’t so hot. Go figure. So yeah, Pete came out for his song (“Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We’re Famous”) or maybe it was for “Nice Guys”? My notes are illegible.

Pete is the blur in the black hoodie.

Can I just say I adore when Ryland talks? Gabe said something like “Make it rain on those hoes–what does that mean?” and Ryland goes, “Ah, it’s a garden reference. The fertilizier is already there, so.. oh, me and my botany jokes!” Can he just become the mouthpiece for Cobra from now on? Please? Because after they played “Smile For The Paparazzi” there was hullabaloo about Ryland getting a wireless guitar system. He was so stoked on it.

After they played “Wet Hot American Summer” Gabe razzed Victoria’s mom a bit, because she was sitting front row in the balcony but she was sitting down. A Decaydance family shoutout had Kayla and I hoping for some badass guest appearance for Snakes On A Plane, but no. Instead they pulled a fan up to rap for Travie’s part (and the guy did a realllllly excellent job). Gabe’s mic went out after that, so Pete came out again and started talking for Gabe, which was pretty comical. They closed out the set with “Guilty Pleasure”, “Hot Mess” and “Good Girls Go Bad.”

What can I say about Boys Like Girls? I’m not a huge fan, nor am I a hater. They opened with Love Drunk. Everyone seemed pumped enough for them. They travel with a lot of lights. Kayla commented that they seemed to make up for their lack of stage presenece with those lights–and after seeing Mayday Parade’s stage antics, I have to agree a bit.

“Two Is Better Than One” stood out because Sierra from VE came out, and that gave it a very “Whole New World” (yea, the Disney movie) feel.

The end of BLG’s set was half predictable (The Great Escape) but half AWESOME because they started pulling everyone who could fit on stage.