you know that i could use somebody, someone like you.

ever since i was young i have been a sensitive girl. i let things get to me, which in reality, mean NOTHING. what you have to teach yourself is that when people are talking about you, it’s because they aren’t satisfied with their own life.. if they were happy, then why would they take time to trash you? why would they need to put you down? it’s sad that people feel the need to be negative and lie just for their own satisfaction.. apparently i was raised differently.. i have never been one to trash someone.. if i have a problem with you i will tell you.. but at the end of the day its your life & your choice on how to live it.. so why should i comment on it? the way i live my life, what i do for fun, for work, it’s all personal.. its my choice & i dont see the need to bash on it. if you have a problem with who i am then why keep looking? sometimes when i hear negative things my first instinct is to lash back.. but in the end.. that gets you no where.. you need to be the stronger person and move forward.. its just people trying to hold you back.. jealousy.. you find a lot of that in this town.. as long as you have strong people around you who believe in you & who you are nothing else matters.. trust me.. i’ve been through tons of shit and i know first hand the negativity will never get you anywhere.. no one wants to throw you a pity party.. it’s boring.. next..

today i did the test shoot for dolby at the roosevelt hotel. we are shooting at the penthouse suite, it is so beautiful, i want to stay there! haha. when you stand on the roof you can see all of los angeles. tomorrow we start filming at 11a.m. makeup at 10. all the products are really cool they are putting out.. i have never been that into electronics but i do find it interesting.. tonight i am having a girls night with molly & jenna.. gonna watch some gossip girl and make stop by for a drink at teddys. back in the studio tomorrow night at 830.. cant wait to get everything done.. make my words come alive.. i want to inspire.. i want to help.. i want people to relate..

are you big on electronics or do you prefer it old school?