Gabe Saporta To Collaborate with Glamour Kills

A few weeks ago, bits and pieces of what appeared to be a viral campaign titled “Overnight Sensation” appeared online. Photos surfaced of people wearing shirts reading “Overnight Sensation” while posing with Cobra Starship lead singer Gabe Saporta. According to reports, the people who traveled on the Cobra Party Bus at the MTV Video Music Awards were also asked to wear the shirts.

Then, Gabe retweeted a post from the official Glamour Kills Twitter, featuring a link to, which featured a fake article naming him the “worst dressed celebrity.” He exchanged jokes on Twitter with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and then seemed to leave it alone.

But now, the announcement has been made: the shirts are part of Gabe’s new collaboration with Glamour Kills. The line is, obviously, called “Overnight Sensation.” Right now the website is simply a placeholder image, with the text:





The line is set to launch on 10/20/09, however Pete Wentz has posted what appear to be a few previews of the line to his blog, along with a link to the site and the official announcement of the collaboration.

yo the fuckers from glamour kills were talking shiz on my boy @gabrielsaporta style. not into it. made em an offer they couldnt refuse- they are now manufacturing and distributing a line just for gabe. – from the dude who brought you the purple hoody – welcome to hobosexual.

Of course, this isn’t the first Glamour Kills/musician collaboration. Jack Barakat of All Time Low has collaborated with them on the JAGK line.

What do you think of the previews of Gabe’s line?