Time to revamp.

I just finished the most wonderful French lemon pancakes. Im still in Ohio, hope to return to Hollywood this weekend. Time to revamp everything. Im moving in a month, have yet to find a place. Working on my new fashion site, tons of new outfits, accessory line getting manufacted for samples, new hair ideas, tons of shoots, Los Angeles fashion week… things are about to get wild. Im ready. I think every few years you need to change your appartment, hair and maybe your boyfriend. Change is healthy and im ready for it. I am in love with peach and baby yellow. Im sure those colors will be incorperated into my new house. I got a new fun shui book, im going to try it. I can not stop watching the National Geographic tv channel. It is so addicting. I hate tv but I get sucked in!! I got the most amazing deep tissue massage last night, im still in a daze from it. I have been having really stange/bad dreams everynight. Maybe the place im staying in haunted. Last night i dreamed I had a pet lion and Shia Labeouf was my boyfriend and I kept trying to give him the lion…yeah I don’t even know..

There is over 400 girls in my Audrey Army!! All beautiful and pink. Every gernation laughs at the old fashions, yet religiously follows the new..

I got a bunch of wire and black lace.. im going to make some head peices tonight. I can not wait to see Whip It, it looks so cute!! It doesn’t hurt that I love Drew Barymore as well.

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

I put together this outfit today, im really loving the lime green sequin dress with all the gold. I know black and pale colors are on all the runways right now ..but I will always love color. I can not get away from it!

I can not wait to do another video blog.. I wish I had my camera with me. The next time I blog lets hope im back home.

Do you guys like all the fashion posts I have been doing every day? Please let me know!

Love and fashion,