Score a Free Tasty Brain…I Mean Screening of Zombieland!

Zombieland, an indie-comedy-horror-thriller film starring Woody Harrleson and Jesse Eisenberg, is set to invade theaters on October 2nd.

But some of you Zombie enthusiasts might not be able to wait until then. You might have a hunger for more. You might need to stumble to a theater sooner than that. If you’ve got a zombie plague, there is only one cure.

Destroy the brain.

WAIT, NO, sorry, that’s an ACTUAL zombie plague! But if you’ve got a desire to see Zombieland a few days early as well as get a chance to show off your best zombie look and shambling walk, then you might just want to head to a Zombieland Zombiewalk and Screening.

What does this entail? Well, first, you need to be in or near LA, Chicago, Dallas, Houston or Washington, DC. Then, you need to head to this website for more information about where to meet, what to do and what to wear. You might also want to follow Zombie Walk on Twitter, ’cause they’re giving out details about getting free zombie make-up done before the walk and other helpful tidbits of information.

And, if you’re in the Monroeville area, there’s actually going to be a non-Zombieland Zombiewalk on October 11th at the Zombie Mecca that is Monroeville Mall (for those of you not in the know: it’s where the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed…hence the title of the My Chemical Romance song “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville.”) along with all kinds of other zombie-related stuff as well as a zombie ball for the 21 and over crowd! You can get details on THAT at the It’s Alive Show website.

In the meantime, you can relive Buzznet’s Zombie shenanigans from last year, including the scene celebrity zombie gallery, the Twilight zombie gallery, and pictures and video from last year’s Zombiewalk in Monroeville.