Patrick Stump is Done with Blogging

Patrick Stump has long been the most elusive member of Fall Out Boy when it comes to social media. While Pete Wentz has been a fixture on message boards and blogging sites and both Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley have given into blogging and the allure of Twitter, Patrick has constantly resisted joining in.

The only glimpse we’ve really gotten was via his official website, where he would occasionally post blogs. However, a new update has announced that even that is ending.

The bulk of the new blog is comparing Rep. Joe Wilson, the man who interrupted President Obama’s healthcare reform speech and Kanye West’s drunken antics at the MTV VMA’s. His stance is that people need to stop comparing them and says that, while Kanye has apologized over and over again for something he did while drunk at an awards show, Wilson has yet to apologize for the disrepsect he showed the President of the United States while stone-cold sober. He also compliments Taylor Swift on her song writing.

However, he closes the blog on a totally different topic:

PS. On an unrelated note, I have elected to no longer update this site in a blog capacity (as you may have already noticed with the above being a final exception). As a parting shot I’d like to clarify three things: 1) I do not nor will I ever have or operate in any capacity any form of social networking site or device (e.g. Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc.) Should you find one claiming to be me, it is and any information included within, without question false. As future sites and devices come out, expect me to not participate with them. 2) In liu of social networking, I have decided to, in the future, publicly express myself exclusively through my artistic pursuits. 3) Expect some big changes to this site (a very minor update in October, followed by a much bigger one) as well as some news from me. Thank you, and have a good autumn.

-p.v.stump(thanks to icecreamhdaches on livejournal for the transcription of this!)

While I’m sad to see Patrick will no longer be blogging and that he has no intention of jumping on the Twitter wagon, I am hopeful for what he’s got planned for us.

What do you guys think? Do you think this means we’re going to get more short films a la Moustachette from Patrick? Maybe some more production work? Or, dare I say it, a solo album? We know he started working on material for the last one awhile back…