My List Of The Hottest Rockstars

I’ve been wanting to do this for months & finally I am.This is going to be my list of who’s the hottest rockstars.Why not? You guys know that sometimes the reason you like a band/rockstar even if they’re music isn’t so great is because they’re hot! Right? Exactly (lol) this list isn’t based on anything that I’ve read,anyone’s other list,just my taste.Whichever bassist,singer,screamer, guitarist, drummer I find attractive & why.So please don’t ,” Eww he’s so ugly or no he’s not.” please none of that,because anyone can comment if they like,just undertand that it’s my opinion & I find whoever attractive.But one thing I’m not against is suggestions.Who you think should be on my list.Things like that are just fine.I’m going to also include short facts below each rockers.ENJOY

Nikki Sixx ( Motley Crue bassist/Sixx A.M bassist & backing vocalist )

Age : 50

From : San Hose,California

Martial Status : Divorced but currently he has a girlfriend,tattoo artist & tv personality Kat Von D

Why : Do I really need to explain.Anyone with eyes can see that Nikki is the hottest fucking guy ever!LOOK AT HIM!

lol…everything about him is hot.His hair’s awesome,he like has tattoos all over him,the guy’s gorgeous from head to toe.

And it’s unreal to me that he’s 50 & he’s still look as hot as he did like 30 years ago. ( I’m so jealous of Miss Kat )

Joey Jordison ( Slipknot drummer/Murderdolls guitarist & back vocals )

Age : 34

From : Des Moines,Iowa

Marital Status : Unsure but last I hear he was single,but that was months ago

Why : There’s alot of things I love about Joey…his pericings,his long ass hair & his voice.He’s short,an amazing drummer & I just go crazy over him.Another reason why I find him so hot is because he doesn’t have any tattoos.Which is crazyyy because I loveee guys with tattoos.

Dj Ashba ( Sixx A.M & Guns ‘N’ Roses )

Age : 36

From : Monticello,Indiana

Marital Status : I’m not sure but a source said that he’s dating Britteny Bidwell

Why : He’s my type through & through.His hair rocks,he’s covered in awesome tattoos,I love his piercing,etc

Caleb Followill ( Lead vocalist of Kings Of Leon )

Age : 27

From : Mt Juliet,Tennessee

Martial Status : Has a girlfriend

Of course he looks completely different now than how he did back in 2007.This look is my favorite.He’s not my typical pick of course,but the longhair & the adorable face caught my attention.

Corey Taylor ( Slipknot & Stone Sour vocalist )

Age : 35

From : Des Mones,Iowa

Marital Status : Divorced

Why : Whether he’s going long,bald,short cut,black,blonde,reb,blue,pruple he always seems to look cute.Though I perfer him with long hair,who cares.His hair isn’t the only thing I find hot about him but his ” Big Mouth”,along with his unbelievably awesome personality.He’s very talented,intelligant & just hot.He’s a badass who’s laid back,with a colorful personality,all at the same time.That’s very sexy in my eyes.And plus he’s the lead singer of my favorite band ever!!! Oh & I love his voice.

Philip Steadlur ( Lead vocalist & guitar )

Age : Unkown

From : Unknown

Martial Status : Unknown

It’s messed up I can’t find any information about Philip or his band on the internet.I just know he’s hot.Actually the entire band is hot but I say he’s the hottest.

Jacoby Shaddix ( lead singer of Papa Roach )

Age : 33

From : Mariposa,California

Martial Status : Married

He’s the only rocker I think is hot who’s married.

Ian Watkins ( LostProphets vocalist )

Age : 32

From : Pontypridd,Wales,UK

Martial Status : I’ve heard he was dating Ivy Levan but that is has not been confirmed,he possibly could be single

He’s british & look at him!

Just from this list you can tell what my taste in men is.Dark hair,long or medium,tattoos,piercings. But my list isn’t quite finish,I will update it but comment,tell me what you think,any suggestions would be appreciated & if you have any extra information or want to correct something,go ahead.I could barely find out either of there dating information.