Join Us Sunday for The Buzznet VMA Liveblog!

Hey folks, it’s that time again: the VMA’s are this weekend. And you know what sucks? Watching them alone when you really want to make that witty comment about so-and-so’s dress or talk about how damn awesome a certain performance was.

That is why we here at Buzznet provide you with the chance to watch it with other Buzznet users, via the fabulous form of a liveblog! So join us Sunday when the awards begin! Myself and Baronetess will be watching together, and we want your input into the evening as well!

Can’t wait? Then relive the 2008 live blog (where a llama crashed the party and drank my tequila) and the 2007 live blog (where I mock JTimb and shamelessly fangirl over Gym Class Heroes). Also, check out last year’s highlights, see what Stephenie Meyer had to say about Russell Brand cutting off Edward RPatz and check out Buzznet’s gallery of shots from the red carpet last year!

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