duct tape my heart, please.

my new obsession of the week? the new black lipstick mac makeup put out. so chic.

the whole new style black collection from mac is amazing.. goth meets chic.. very rock n roll.. i love it.. do you? my pop up store is finally closed.. i had so much fun putting it together, & thanks again to everyone who came out. it was such a great experience. i love fashion, i have ever since i was a little girl. to be able to do a store with all the things i love was a dream come true.. i’m glad i got to share it with everyone.. since i do have a few items left over i decided i will sell them online & ship world wide.. the items will be up next week for sale.

not really sure what’s going on with my hair in those photos.. i was sorta a mess so i just thought to through it up in a hat.. haha. next week i am shooting with my friend french for his band Annie Automatics new music video. i’m playing the lead role. the video is going to be shoot very raw & edgy. can’t wait to see how it turns out. tomorrow i am meeting with the stylist for a fitting for the video.. have to make sure the look is just right. monday i am back in the studio.. have been doing tons of writing. trying to stay a busy girl. tonight is the teen vogue party.. might stop by for a bit & then hit up roosevelt for teddys. vogue has always been one of my favorite fashion magazines, ever since i was little. molly is finally back from the hospital, i really missed her, so nice to have her back. you don’t realize how valuable your life is until you deal with something like what she is going through. you really can’t take life from granted.. instead of worrying about everyone else, worry about yourself & what makes you happy. i am so sick of everyone being negative.. they don’t know how good they have it.. no one wants to give you a pity party my dear.. its time we grow up. how can you hate someone you have never met? have such awful perceptions of someone you haven’t even taken time to know? you can’t always judge a book by its cover.. i say get to know someone.. get to really know them before you make remarks on them. it might seem harmless to you, but you should put yourself in their shoes.. think about how they feel and what they might be going through.. we all need to stick together.. stop the hate & start to love.. in the end.. thats all that matters..

one of my favorite vogue covers..

what is your favorite fashion magazine?

kate moss… gotta love her.. a true style icon..