Death Cab For Cutie: The Perfect Fit For “New Moon”?

Pretentious Death Cab fans turned their heads to mainstream assimilating long ago, back when The O.C. intertwined them with lovable indie-nerd Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), so penning the title track for Twilight‘s second major installment, New Moon, shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Well, we’ll see.

The DCFC boys didn’t get folded in to the soundtrack the same way that Paramore did with “Decode”–they are by no means fans of the series, but stripped of it’s dazzle and supernatural elements, they get it. And they told MTV why they felt they fit with the movie’s theme:

“We wanted to record a song that we loved and we would use on an album or anywhere and submit it to this process, and if they passed on it — if they were like, ‘Hey, you know what? This isn’t quite right for us, thanks a lot for trying’ — we’d still have a song out that we’d be proud of, that we could put somewhere else. For us, it was a no-lose situation,” Harmer explained. “What was most important for us was to get the material right first … and it tied into these films, especially ‘New Moon,’ because if you strip away all the vampirism and the werewolves and the Northwest and everything, basically, the ‘Twilight’ series is just a big romance novel. It’s a big story about love, and that’s a major theme for us.”

I respect that. I haven’t READ New Moon, but from what I know from all of you, book two has some serious emo longing going on. And oh boy, do Death Cab know how to write a super emo longing song.

Tell me this isn’t one:

Now I’m not talking about bullshit guyliner and perpetual hoodie-wearing scene kind of emo–I’m talking about where that word was born. Music that is moving and emotional.

You don’t even KNOW how many times, “I need you so much closer” has been the subject of a LiveJournal entry.

Without even having heard the song, I think they’ll nail the sentiment. Only Conor Oberst could be a better fit, and no one wants to hear that guy on the radio.

The song, titled “Meet Me in the Equinox” will be debuting on MTV on September 13th and the music video will filmed this week in Toronto. No details yet.