RPattz & K-Stew in L-O-V-E… Or Just Chatting In A Very Loud Place

Bella and Edward are totes dating. Or they’re totally just trying to have an intimate converstion at a very loud conert. There have been rumors and denials and some very convincing photoshop images–but even this case of canoodling doesn’t have two strong legs to stand on.

Ok, so here are the photos of them at the Kings of Leon show in Vancouver. There is one super pixellated fuzzy photo that could possibly maybe be a photo of them kissing because you can only see the back of Pattinson’s unwashed tresses. But the rest just look like they’re trying to talk at a concert.

Thank goodness I’m not famous. I’d be caught “making out” with someone knew at every show because there’s always someone new to meet and you have to practically put ear to mouth to hear clearly over live music. It probably would look like I’m “making out” with every person who ever asked me if I need a drink. Or did they just ask what I think of the band? Hell.

Let this be a lesson to you, talkative concert-goers!

Carry on with your lives now.