Recently, Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series, commented to MTV about Twilight. Why? Because it’s MTV, where you have to mention Twilight every 12 seconds or you’ll be impaled by a sharp, sparkly implement of some sort.

Anyway, when asked who would win a fight between Edward and Angel? Joss said “I think Robert Pattinson’s really cool; Angel would kick the s— out of him.”

Well, duh. Of course. But if you need to see a side by side comparison to figure out why, I’ve gone back to one of my old hobbies and made you all a chart:

Edward Cullen


282 (born 1727)

107 (born 1901)


By Darla in 1753 (age 26)

By Carlisle Cullen in 1918 (age 17)

Feeds on

Left over butcher’s blood/humans (as his soulless incarnation “Angelus”)

Wildcats (book)/Deer (movie)


Trained in several martial arts as well as sword fighting, superhuman strength and speed, knowledge of metaphysics, experience

Extremely fast, superhuman strength (but less-so than his speed), ability to read minds (though, since Angel was immune to mind reading in the Buffy episode “Earshot” this power may not work in this situation)


Sunlight, stake to the heart, religious iconography

Bella Swan (see below)


Buffy Summers, the current Slayer.She possesses superhuman strength, accelerated healing, training in several martial arts and with weapons including quarterstaff, swords and crossbows.

Bella Swan, the only human to ever move his heart.She possesses a “private mind” that renders certain vampiric powers useless against her, but also needs to be watched in case she drowns in her cereal.


Connor, raised in a demon dimension that accelerated his aging process.Has fighting prowess above and beyond normal humans.

Renesmee, a magical half-human, half-vampire baby that will mystically grow to the age of 17 in only a few years, which somehow makes it perfectly acceptable for her to marry her mom’s ex-boyfriend.

Other back up

William the Bloody/Spike: a vampire sired in 1880 who has been both Angel’s companion and rival

Illyria: a demon reborn in the body of one of Angel’s human friends, Fred.She has increased strength and limited shapeshifting abilities.Formerly she had the power to quicken or slow time around her.

Charles Gunn: former vampire hunter possessing an uncanny aptitude for strategy and a strong fighting spirit.He formerly was gifted with supernatural knowledge of human and demon laws and regulations.

Connor: see above

Alice Cullen: Edward’s adopted sister, who possesses limited psychic abilities

Emmett Cullen: Edward’s adopted brother, possesses heightened strength

Jasper Hale: Edward’s adopted brother, can influence the emotions of those around him

Jacob Black: Werewolf and former rival for the affections of Bella Swan.Now engaged to Edward and Bella’s new born daughter (see above).

So…yeah. I’m gonna go with Joss on this one. Angel for the win.