never mind the bullocks.

“a dream you dream alone is only a dream. a dream you dream together is reality”

it’s midnight. i am watching lolita and writing back to some emails i have been putting off. today i did a photo shoot with dirk mai for alida buffalo vintage fashion. we shot all over los angeles in tons of different vintage pieces. my favorite location was this small hole in the wall restaurant called oki dog, which apparently is famous for their world famous “oki dog”. the “oki dog” is a burrito with a hot dog in it? very complex situation.. haha! the walls were bright orange and one of the people eating their kept offering us a french fry.. for dinner we all went to katsu ya for some yummy sushi & cocktails. tomorrow kit, claire & i are having a relaxing pool day at the roosevelt. it’s going to feel nice to lay out & have nothing to do for a day. this whole weekend i have been busy planning the pop up store and confirming which other designers & artists are going to be apart of it. the launch party of the store is going to be september 11th. the opening was going to be the 4th but i didn’t want to do it on labor day weekend when most people are on vacation. only one more week till marlon is home, can’t wait for him to be back. i really miss not having him around.

that was the leopard coat i found at the swap! so in love with it.

do you ever have one of those days where you feel like throwing your cell phone out the window & escaping?

today was that kind of day.

i wonder if people were less anxious with out cell phones & internet.

i wonder if their life was more peaceful. normal.