Katy Perry Says DJ AM Is Making Everyone “Upstairs” Dance

This weekend was an exciting one for Buzznet—so many of us attended Katy Perry’s pop-tastic performance at the Palladium—but it didn’t come without a bit of weight on our shoulders.

Since the shock of DJ AM’s death was on everyone’s mind, Katy graciously made a few comments to soundsofbuzz.com on Saturday night before she took the stage.

In an interview with E!’s Marc Malkin (reporting for Sounds of Buzz), Perry said that although she wasn’t close with AM, every time she met him he was “full of life” and that his passing reminds everyone to “live life to the fullest, love the people around you and don’t ever hold back.”

“It’s really sad,” she posited, “but right now he’s making everyone upstairs dance.”

Soundsofbuzz.com also asked her to chat a bit about her guest judging gig on American Idol—guest being the operative word. “Let’s not start a rumor that would break the internet,” she said about the swirling gossip that she would be permanently replacing Paula Abdul.

The Waking Up In Vegas singer considers herself “fresh blood” amongst the other well-seasoned judges that make up the panel.