Help The Cab Save the Mule!

The boys from The Cab just don’t have much luck when it comes to traveling. Last February while touring with Cobra Starship, the boys managed to flip their van while traveling through Wisconsin. They’ve had assorted other accidents and mishaps since. But from the looks of things, it sounds like their current van, The Mule, is in serious danger.

Alex Marshall has been posting images, such as the one above, to Twitter showing the van in dire straights. And, like any web savvy boys these days, the band has started a campaign using one of Twitter’s most brilliant components: the hash tag.

Wanna help? Then, go to your Twitter, or if you don’t have a Twitter yet, get one, and post anything containing #savethemule. The goal is to get it into Twitter’s trending topics and get some attention for the band’s situation…or for the band in general!

Also, you can follow the band members themselves on Twitter, as well as the band’s OFFICIAL Twitter.

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