goodbye weekend,hello monday

I don’t really like Monday. Who does?

Today is my brothers first day of high school! I’m excited for him<3

This weekend I had to run around town like CRAZYY. I’m sad that my bestie morgan was in San Fran. I miss her very much.

I went to the W hotel with my friend Khristynne for an event. I wore a little black dress that I lovelovelove. and Khristynne wore the white nautical babydoll dress that you can see in the background =] haha.

Then on Friday Khristynne came over for a photo shoot of my NEW COLLECTIONNN!! wooo. It was really fun and we shot ALL the looks. The pictures came out SO uh-mazing. I’m reeeally excited for Spring/Summer 2010 I think you are all going to L O V E the new looks<3 after the photo shoot we went to the mall and ate mongolian bbq together<3 and we took our little brothers with us 😀 it was cuute.

I saw this at the mall,and I really think I should get it!

and I think my friend Khristynne wanted thisss: lol!

On Sat. I look my friend Zoe Myers some outfits for her music video shoot! She shot her video this weekend and I can’t wait to see it! I’m sure it’ll be uhh-mazinggg. On the way back home I took a picture of the horrible fire =[ You can see it from the freewayyy and its really scary.

I’m excited for you all to see the new “House of Jazmin” on MTV tomorrow night! If you missed the last episode you can watch it on

LASSST WEEK on House of Jazmin I was getting ready for LA FASHION WEEK!!

Morgan and I were casting models for the runway show. It was such a fun casting, it was an all day thing-we had them walk,looked at their books and talked to them for a bit.

after selecting our 15 girls we had a fitting the day before the show- it was so insane. Morgan and I changed the girls about 32874237423 times before we had the final order/run of show. It is SO important to have the right dress on the right model. We also styled each look with jewelry,accessories,and shoes.

I also had a meeting with the HAIR/MAKEUP team. I had to make sure we were all on the same page with the makeup and hair look I picked for the show,so we tested it on one of the girls


Hope you all have a gorgeous weeeek<3 XOXOXO

Jazmin Whitley