Flying without wings.

Magazine stands, coconut shimmer lipgloss, Mazzy Star, rose bud oil, rainbow sequin flats and the best cup of tea to date. Right now I am on my flight to Philly with a layover in Texas. They have internet on the airplane now? How insane is that. You do have to pay a nice $9.99 to use if of course. Before boarding I payed $4 for a bottle of water.. the same price as an entire case. I use to love flying now I hate it, scares the crap out of me. I have been doing pretty good so far, no panic attacks yet!..knock on wood. I got the best birthday package from my good friend in Philly today before I left, 70’s sunglasses, pink I love you hoodie, rope headband and a structured pink and purple skirt..all from Top Shop! Speaking of packages lucky enough my Designers Against Aids package came so I can start customizing and designing the shirts! My cover story magazine from Germany came in the mail yesterday so I need to scan that for you guys! Its all in German though..I don’t even remember what I said in the interview. I took German in high school and my average was a 36. Its safe to say I failed. I remember doing an oral presentation with the whole speech written on my hand in German..I was so nervous I was sweating and it smeared everywhere and I got caught.I also use to write peoples paper for 20,30 and 40 dollars depending on if they wanted an A,B or C. Yeah I wish I was kidding but Im not 🙁

I was eating peanut butter out of the jar yesterday while in the bathtub and felt guilty and ridiculous about doing that, then I saw it expired 3 months ago. Karma. I got my Pee Wee’s Playhouse tickets today! They went on sale at 8am. There doing a live show in Los Angeles with Paul Rubbens. Anyone who knows me is aware that Pee Wee Herman has been an idol of mine since I was little. I own every Pee Wee’s Playhouse box set and almost named Waffle Pee Wee. I might have to dress up like Dottie..It is not until November and the suspense is killing me!

Tomorrow morning I am getting my xrays for my Wisdom teeth. I get them out Thursday and I have decided to do it while im awake. I don’t want to go under. I don’t trust doctors for good reason. Unless im getting cut open im not getting put out. I have survived a hell of a lot more then some teeth being pulled so im not THAT worried..but it will suck. Im going to bring my Ipod and rock out to something ridiculous like the Dirty Dancing soundtrack to ease that fact there ripping rooted teeth out of my skull. What would Swayze do?

Im going to watch Igby Goes Down and eat some pretzels. Have you gotten your wisdom teeth out? And how horrible was it?

Love and kitty poo,