Ryan Ross and Jon Walker’s New Band: The Young Veins

The half of Panic! at the Disco that re-embraced the exclamation and pedaled backwards a bit as far as progression released “A New Perspective” today. Not to be upstaged (or harrassed via various social networks), the departed 50% of Panic announced their band name, The Young Veins, and put up a song on their MySpace.

Are you ready for this? “Change” is the name of the song, and little gossipy bees are suugesting the tune was penned for a certain ex-gf.

A super short blog on the account states that they are “currently in the studio” finishing up their first album. I guess these hippy tracks have been burgeoning to blossom from the soul of RyRo for awile now, eh?

What do you think of the track? Not gonna lie, I was surprised that it didn’t quite sit well with me—I’m a bigger fan of Pretty Odd than I am of Fever, but this feels too retro to me. Is that even the right word? I don’t know. I just feel like there was shag carpeting, putridly colored daisy wall appliques and ganja involved in the creation of “Change.”

But I will follow Ryan and J-Walk to this album release because the alertnate version of “Behind The Sea” makes for a precious lullaby and I WANT MORE OF THAT.