Pete Wentz Puts His E-Fame to Good Use

Anyone who follows Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on Twitter will have noticed that after his wife, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, hit 1 Million Followers, Pete started promising something special for his followers when he hit 1 million.

While fans speculated, Pete finally promised “p.s. the surprise isnt a gift or a song or a reveal. so if you want to unfollow thats ok. its something from my tiny black heart.”

Well, bless his tiny black heart. Because in celebration of his 1 millionth follower, Pete has partenered with Invisible Children to raise money to end the war and displacement in Uganda.

When I started on here with twitter I had no idea a couple of weird jokes, that didn’t even make sense to me half the time, and funny links would end me up with a million followers. I realize I spend most of the time saying things that are only funny to me or directing you towards my friends songs or buying a t-shirt. I realize we can us Twitter as a social/philanthropic tool in new media too. So I figured my tweet for my millionth follower should be really special. I set up this site to make it easy for us to help our friends in East Africa.

If you want to help, go donate $1 via PayPal and then spread the word on Twitter by retweeting this message. If you’re short on money for the moment, retweet and donate as soon as you can. As Pete explains “If even half of the million people following me donate a dollar to this it will mean a huge difference for these kids.”