HAPPY 9th of July.

I pretty much love every day in July! =]

4th of July is the best holiday. I just love how the sun goes down so late and having a BBQ with the family and friends<33 and I love a good POOL PARTYYY! Last Friday July 3rd I had my family and friends over and we had so much funn. red white and blue cupcakes were on the menu and hot dogs and hamburgersss yyum. Let’s just say the diet was OFF last weekend. hah.

I spent the day working on my TAN and then we had fireworks at night! =] so much funn.

my three little cousins all have RED hair! They are soo ador. I was trying to teach them how to swim ALL dayyy haha it’s a work in progress. =]

THENNN! For 4th if July my friend,Veronica, and I drove down to San Diego for the rest of the weekend! It was soooo much fun. I loved it. We went to the Coronado Island beach.

I got SO freakin T A N because we were on the beach the entire weekendd<3 It was gorgeous. I was happy that I got to wear my new yellow crochet swimsuit! I was waiting to wear it this summerrrr hahaha. I’m such a dork.

At night we ate candy and saw a really pretty firework show above the coronado bay. What a perfect 4th of July weekend!! <3

here is mee& my friend Veronica driving back !

What did you guys do for 4th of July? && WHAT IS a Summer trend that you are in love with?

I would say mins is crochet swimsuits and dying your hair light for the summerr<3 hhah. best thing ever.


For the past week I’ve been trying to finish my Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It’s been stressful but so worth it. It’s going to be AMAZING. I know you guys are going to love it<33 I’m also working on getting things together for the big fashion trade show in Las Vegas called MAGIC. It’s at the end of summer and I’m really excited about it 😀


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