Buzznet Names The New Ryan Ross – Jon Walker Project

We’ve just about come to terms with the Panic at the Disco split, some people hopeful that it means twice as much music as before, and some… well, still blaming Ryan Ross.

But the baby-faced Beatles-lover recently explained the differences in musical ambition, and what he and Jon were working on now that they’ve left. They don’t have a name for this project yet, so we brainstormed some suggestions.

The We Decided The Long Song Titles Thing Was So Cliche But Brendon Didn’t Agree Project

We Came, We Smoked, We Broke Up

The Rosevest Never Existed

The Heartbroken Fangirl Project

Submitted by common(non)sense

Ryan Didn’t Like The Idea Of Him And Brendon Being A Couple So He Quit The Band Project

The Acid & Beards Project

The Ryden Was A Joke Project

We Are NOT A Beatles Cover Band!!

Submitted by [smilingontheinside]

This Ain’t No Stupid Ryden Fanfic

Don’t Panic: This is SPARTA!

Punctuation! Is Overrated???

Submitted by Stewieismyhomeboy

Frenzy! in the Club

But Its Better If We Don’t

Submitted by SandeeDandee

Think you can do better, eh? Prove it. Comment with your best idea for the RyRo +J-Walk project!