I will be in the real world if you need me.

Some people are so consumed with superficial and materialistic things. They come home and instead of saying something along the lines of ” hello, how was your day?” they will go right to there electronics. I could never live like that…I feel a very big shift in energy happening and i like it. Im so exhausted of electronics, electric energy waves, genetically engineered food, selfishness. I am just fed up with it. It makes me want to pull and Into The Wild and just leave. My best friend is on the east coast and she is the only one who thinks like this. Others are all so manipulated by there own possessions. Were crossing over into the fith dimension. On a more positive note haha…

Today Dirk and Julia picked me up around 10am and we headed down to BOX8 for the Cliche Magazine shoot. The band Hey Monday was there shooting first while I got my makeup done and styled. Julia did my makeup she is so creative..we went for a new age Bowie look. Marybeth styled me in the coolest Japan inspired outfits.

I wore all these insane earings. One pair was like lilly pads and the other was lime green leopard print jewl hoops. intense I know. The company is called she’s vexed. I haven’t done the interview yet. This week I am. Im so lucky to have the coolest people in my life. Makes work so much more fun.

Tonight I went out for sushi and they handed me my rolls and it looked like someone walked on them. I never send food back but I had too. Thirty minutes later I finally got my sushi rolls. Now im about to spackle all this beautiful makeup off my face and watch some movies. Tomorrow I am going to the style warhouse and shooting with my friend Steve from New York City!

Have you ever sent food back in a resturant?

Love and Glitter,