The real dirt..Expectations.

I can not stop listening to the song Expectations by Belle and Sebastian. It is such good song, if you have no heard it you should download it. So let me pick up from last night. Once we got to the Young Hollywood Awards I ran into Richie Rich who is always fabulous. He told me the cd book I posed for is out I am on the hunt! After talking with her for a while I walked the carpet where Bai Ling was close behind me haha.

Then we headed over to our media spot in the line. The first interview we did was Steve O..He is kinda shy in a strange way? You would expect him to have been super loud and crazy. He was really funny though and showed me his new tattoo but would not show the camera..It was a naked stick figure jerking off behind prision bars haha. Something of that sort. I only saw it for a second. Then we interviewed Ed Westwick who was so charming and sweet, I expected him to be rude. He told me my outfit was cute. I asked him a lot about his band Filthy Youth. The video will be up later this week.

Evan Racheal Wood was so pretty and seemed really down to earth. She was talking about how cool it is that she can cut in line at Disneyland. She was by far the best dressed there.

We went backstage to the Sebastian and Hairroin private room where all the stars were getting there touch ups before they hit the stage. The gift bags had bunch of Sebastian products in them.

This is while I was sitting in the car for a while until I was able to go in..We got there too early.

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Adam Lambert’s outfit was killer too. He said to me “Oh your Audrey right” So nice. We have a lot of mutual friends apprently.

There were no horrible outfits ..boring but not horrible.

Tonight is the Nylon party and im sitting here boxing up rest of youe Team Audrey shirts to get ready to ship them! there are 15 left of the reprints!

Ill let you know who is at the Nylon party tonight!

Do you think Adam Lambert deserved to win American Idol?

Love and Glitter,