Jonas Brother Collaborate…with COMMON?

The non-threatening boyish good looks are the same and the purity rings are still in place, but it looks like Disney rockers The Jonas Brothers are changing at least a bit. Their new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, came out this week and all of the songs on this album are written or co-written by the trio of brothers.

But enough about that. Somehow I am late to the party in finding out that THEY COLLABORATED WITH COMMON.

Yes, Common, as in the Grammy winning rap artist. The guy who’s been showing up here and there in action movies, including this summer’s Terminator: Salvation. Yes, THAT Common has collaborated with these guys:

The song, entitled “Don’t Charge Me For the Crime” can be heard here. And it’s…interesting, to say the very least.

For other examples of rap and rock collaborations, you can check out this journal I wrote last year. And compare the Jonas/Common pairing to the other artists there.