Jack’s Mannequin Releases Unofficial “Swim” Video

Those knowledgeable types over in the Absolutepunk thread declare this montage as simply a hold-over until the official music video is released, but I think it’s still worth watching. Oh, I know, I could just link to it, but I wanted to take some quality time to fully appreciate this song.

“While we wait for the official music video for “Swim” to be released the talented director Emilio Martinez chronicled this past tour and captured some of the best moments for this internet version of “Swim.”

The official video was shot last week here in Los Angeles and will feature fan artwork.

Mmm. Enjoy.

And if you’re not familiar with this song, please study these lyrics. It’s such an emotional/hope-inspiring track.A real anthem of the resilient.

AND it totally reminds me of the scene from Grey’s Anatomy where Meredith gives up. Check it: