The Cab Gains a Tour, Loses a Member

Those boys who have made their name by mixing sounds from Michael Jackson, Fall Out Boy and N’Sync, The Cab, are about to head out on a huge headlining tour. Suitably, the Sin City boys are calling the tour The “What Happens In Vegas” Tour.

But, unfortunately, the line up of the band has undergone a sudden, but major, change. Alex “Singer” DeLeon has posted to his blog to let fans know that guitarist Ian Crawford has left The Cab.

Ian’s rocking riffs and wild hair are definately something near and dear to The Cab’s fans, and he’ll definitely be missed. However, DeLeon offers an explanation and some words to soothe the fans:

He has made the decision to leave the band, but before you guys get mad or anything.. I need you to listen. Ian is one amazing dude. He is a class act, and obviously one of the most talented musicians down. I am proud to have gotten to stand next to him on a stage for as long as I did, and I wish him nothing but the best. This was not easy for us, or for Ian, but it needed to happen. I don’t have to say much about him, you know how Ian is. He is a free spirit, and was born in the wrong era. Ian should be playing next to Jimmy Page or John Lennon. His heart was simply not in this genre of music. He didn’t want to play pop or music suitable for the radio. I was heartbroken when I heard the news, but how can you be mad at someone for following their heart? How can you be mad at someone for following their own dream? We’re young, we’re still growing and figuring out who and what we want to be…Ian is no different. We wish him the best and always will.

The split is sad, but I hope the rest of The Cab fans here on Buzznet will join me in wishing both him and The Cab the best of luck in the future. I can’t wait to hear what both have planned for us in the future.