Bonnaroo Round Up

If you were like most of us this weekend, you were probably home scrap booking photos of a shirtless Shia La Beouf while watching The Bridges of Madison County on DVD (was that just me?). You also probably missed out on all the action at Bonnaroo but that’s o.k., you don’t really like Phish.

Buzznet seems to have spent all of it’s money on office supplies and was unable to send me to Bonnaroo. I frown at this. I really wanted to be on a farm playing hacky sack whilst listening to Phish. Who really needs office supplies anyways? It’s not like people here use paper or pens. We all have Mac Books (well those of us that a few steps ahead of the PC folk). While we’re busy buying stationary, why don’t you go ahead and order me that loincloth to go with my stone tablet, chisel, and rock? I digress.

Bonnaroo. When I hear the name of this festival, I think of lots of this going on:

That’s pretty much what people that go to see Phish do in public. They have no shame. Also, what is that guy doing over by the JOHN DEER transport mega golf cart?

Fear not. Bonnaroo is not all hacky sack and hoola hoops. There are also people that play with fire:

The boyz at StereoGum snapped all of these photos. I am but a thief. You can thank Amrit Singh and Scott LaPatine for jostling the crowds for the photos in this article. You can also read their spiffy first hand round up sans my witty input by going here: Friday Fun Time and Caturday Shenanigans. You can thank me for omitting the Bruce Springsteen because well, my blogs tend to hate on people that think this is what America is all about:

Onto more pressing issues. The real reason why you are here (besides immersing yourself in my wordy company) is (are? damn you grammar!) the photos. Please enjoy the following Friday Highlights –

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Yay gymnastics!

The Beastie Boys (or one of them, at least)

TV On The Radio – Witty caption missing

Saturday Shenanigans –

Nine Inch Nails – Newt skin FTW

Elvis Costello – Rockin’ longer than you’ve been alive

The Decemberists – Well, at least she’s not on a tortilla.

Of Montreal – Hooray for gas masks!


These are but a small sample of the acts at Bonnaroo. The acts that would’ve enjoyed yelling at as I drank and became progressively louder/insulting in front of would have been the following:

Erykah Badu, Mars Volta, Michael Ian Black & Michael Showalter with special guests Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll (comedy!), Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Crystal Castles, and for good measure, Paul Oakenfold. I like “expanding my horizons” in sweaty tents just as much as the next guy.

Did anyone check out the line up? If you didn’t, it’s right here: OMG!

Who would you have gone to see?