I think I feel a change in the window, says I.

it’s been too long since I’ve posted a journal with an actual purpose. lately I’ve just been posting random stuff.

anyway, how is everyone? thursday I found out that I’m going to Ohio this tuesay. coming back home friday. I’m so excited. we’re staying at this incredible beach house. here are some pictures from the website.

I think it’s like a 4 hour drive from here to Cleveland. Erika and I are going to see our friend’s Senior Recital. he’s the best violinist ever. I can’t wait! 😀 but I’m going to miss my parents. and my puppy.

packing list:

– clothes

– pillows/blankets

– music

– Bible

– makeup/chapstick

– flat iron/hair brush

– tooth brush/paste

– lowe the lion

– sunscreen

– camera

and don’t forget food.

so I won’t be on Tuesday-Friday. don’t forget to leave me and Erika lots of love while we’re gone 😀

today me and my family went to a furniture store to pick out a new sofa for our family room, then saw our grandparents, THEN saw a house that my daddy is building in Glade. it is sooo pretty!

tomorrow is church, monday we’re going to see my great grandma for her birthday, then tuesday is Ohio. the only downside about going is that I have to move my eye appointment up to the 11th. oh well.

well, that is all I have to say. I’m going to probably post videos monday night or maybe before then..

be sure to wish AutumnAnn a happy birthday today!!

<3 love to everyone.