“there’s no me without you”

happy mothers day everyone. i just got back home. today i spent the day at my moms house. i brought her flowers and marlon made her french toast for breakfast. i love my mom. i am so thankful to have her in my life. this weekend has been fun. full of adventure and chaos. friday night jamie and i went to a house party in the hills. it didn’t even feel like we were in los angeles anymore, we were lost in the canyons. we were the only two people wearing heels, i wish we had got the memo that we were in for a hike, our mistake. margaritas in ours hands and candle light in our eyes. saturday i did a photo shoot for li cari’s street wear line in the morning. the clothes are super comfortable and cute. after shooting i stopped by the hollywood undead video in the valley. the heat was killing me, so my visit was very brief. at night lauren and i went to teddys and i skinned my knees on hollywood blvd. i wish i wasn’t so clumsy. i always have been, it’s one of my most dangerous traits.

lauren and i at teddys.

pinata party.

marlon making mothers day french toast.

jamie & i at the party in the hills w. our margaritas.

this week is going to be full of shooting & prepping. this week i am shooting for glamour kills. i’m going to be shooting their summer swimsuit line in santa monica on the beach. i am also shooting for altru clothing at smashbox studios on wednesday. i have a fitting for l.a. vintage this week, meeting with polsky productions and have a few training sessions lined up. i love my new tattoo. hand tattoo’s are my favorite, i love how they look. lately, i have been loving to vintage shop, its my new favorite. i love finding great vintage dresses and altering them to be amazing. it’s the best and it will always be one of a kind. it’s fun to have something that no one else does, more original.

some art by ether kim that i love:

ether might be doing some of my designs for glamour kills. her artwork is killer.

what has been inspiring you lately? it could be anything from a person, art, movie..