“New Moon” Spoilers, First Pictures

I know, you’re probably thinking, how can the Twilight movies have spoilers? I mean, aren’t they basically THE BOOKS? ‘Twas my reaction, as well, but apparently the director has taken a few liberties. Maybe you’ll be totally into it now.

According to Celebuzz (via Life & Style):

Robert Pattinson‘s role of Edward Cullen has been beefed up from the book version so that, instead of being summoned as a mere voice in Bella Swan’s head, he will appear as an apparition. And apparently, Bella will commit some feat of derring-do and push fate in order to make Cullen appear to her.

Making out with an apparition: not crazy?

Also, in the book Edward makes a deal with Bella that they have to get hitched if she wants him to be the one to turn her into a vampire. Not so in the movie version. What could they possibly use as an ultimatum instead?

Watch, it’ll be something infinitesmally different, like we must get engaged first. Or get ballroom dancing lessons. Or sacrifice a kitten. (GASP)

Or maybe that’s when they agree on the gawdawful name of their firstborn child.

What do you think it could be?