KIIS FM secrets and behind the scenes.

This weekend was so much fun. It was KIIS FM’s Wango Tango event in Los Angeles. We got there around 4pm and went right to the red carpet to catch up with the All American Rejects. I asked them few questions and we took some photos together… no comment on them. Then we headed over to the gifting area where I got bags and bags of awesome things. My favorites were a gift card for a facial and massage at a spa, French Fries and Taco tote bag, a Teen Vogue bag full of goodies and a positive energy wrap bracelet. Chic Little Devil is amazing for letting me wear the sequin clown!

Ran into tons of people one of them being Fergie who was there performimg with the Black Eyed Peas. Surprisingly, we’re pretty much the same height. Tiny people need to unite! After the gifting suite I walked the red carpet. Im not sure what I was going for maybe clown couture? You either love it or you hate it and I’m ok with either as long as you feel something when you see it!

Buzznet and MTV were the only outlets that got the greenlight to interview Lady Gaga. Before her set I was brought to a private tent to wait for her. Not going to lie she was super real and so nice. I have alot of respect for her. She does things her way whether you like it or not. That’s how I have been living my whole life. I am good friends with her makeup artist Sharon, and she and Lady Gaga invited me to be in a Rolling Stone shoot this Thursday. I have to go Wednesday for the test shoot!

Check out KIIS FM’s blog for more updates of the whole night! And check back later today for my interview with Lady Gaga!!

I’m going to be putting new ebay items up this week..leggings, bows and dresses from events.

What did you think of the Clown Couture outfit? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Your opinions mean more to me then the press!

Love and inspiration,

-Audrey xoxo